How much does it cost to rent the X-stage?

$125 - 1 hour rental $50 - Every extra hour

What can I use the X-stage for?

Rent our X-stage for your next: Pole Training Photoshoot Party Girls Night Out Wedding Performance

What are the policies for renting the X-stage?

​X-Stage Rental Policies: A 50% deposit is required to secure the date/time for your rental. The remaining balance of your rental is due two weeks prior to the time of your rental. Taxes apply. Rental time begins at arrival of Happy Kiss Team to location. Set-up usually takes 10-15 minutes. When travel time to/from the location exceeds 20 minutes, an extra hour will be added to your rental time. A Happy Kiss representative will be present during your rental time to supervise - not to teach. Instructor(s) are not included in your rental. If you would like to have someone there to guide you, we can provide an instructor for an fee. Everyone who uses the X-stage MUST sign a liability waiver. If we feel that you or your party are not using the X-stage in a manner that is safe, we reserve the right to cancel the rental without a refund. The X-stage cannot be covered in sand/dirt/water/debris. Renter assumes responsibility for any damage caused to the X-stage during rental and agrees to replace the X-stage or damaged parts at their own cost. Pricing is subject to change without notice.


How much does it cost to hire a performer?

$300 - 1 hour $100 - Every extra hour

Is the pole/apparatus included?

$300 does not include equipment. You can either provide the equipment(must be considered safe by Happy Kiss prior to use) or you may rent our X-stage. Receive a discount on your X-stage rental when you hire a Happy Kiss Performer for the same event.

What are the policies for hiring performers?

A 50% deposit is required to secure the date. The remaining balance is due 2 weeks prior to the event. Let us know if you have a theme in mind. Our performers will consider this when planning out their performance, costumes, hair, music and makeup choices. Performers can be hired to perform one singular routine including tricks and/or as "background" entertainment for an event. Performing is hard work. Please keep in mind that our performers will have to take occasional breaks. For every 3-4 minute routine including tricks, the performer will need a minimum 10 minute break. For every 10-15 minutes of "background" entertainment, performers will need a minimum 5 minute break. If you would like to have someone performing for the entirety of your event - we recommend hiring multiple performers. Performer(s) must be provided with a clean/private place to change and access to water. Pricing is subject to change without notice

Photography by Candra Cain Photography

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