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Pricing is subject to change without notice


NO REFUNDS. Classes are non-refundable and non-transferable. No Exceptions. Merchandise is non-refundable unless it is found to be defective. Notify us within 5 days of purchase to receive a studio credit.


Clients must be 18+ to participate & bring a photo ID on first visit.


Clients must sign a liability waiver prior to participating in classes.


Classes and services expire from their date of purchase at these rates: 1. Single Class: 30 days 2. Member classes: 45 days 3. Single Open Practice: 30 Days 4. 10 Open Practice Sessions: 60 Days 5. Private Lesson: 60 Days 6. 4 Private Lessons Pack: 4 Months Expiration dates cannot be extended. No exceptions.


A 9 hour notice is required to cancel classes. Students who no-show or late cancel will forfeit their class credit and will be charged a $20 fee. No exceptions.


Clients that are more than 5 minutes late will not be allowed to participate in the class and will forfeit their class fee. A proper warm-up is crucial to staying safe and injury-free.


Spectators are not allowed to watch classes/events at the studio. If you have questions about classes please call or schedule an appointment. Our doors will remain locked during class time to preserve the privacy of our students.


Please respect your fellow classmates and your instructor by silencing and putting your phone away during class time. If you must take a call, please only do so in emergency situations and use our waiting area.


Phones/photos/videos are not allowed during class time. Photos/videos can only be taken during the last run through/freestyle portion of classes or Open Practice with the explicit permission of a staff member and your fellow classmates. Videos/photos taken are for personal use only. Please be respectful of your fellow instructors and classmates' privacy and ask anyone who might appear in your video if they are OK with it.


Once a student is bumped up from the waiting list into the class, they are responsible for attending. The same late cancel/no-show policies apply. If you know you will no longer be able to attend the class you are waitlisted for, remove yourself from the waitlist.


Happy Kiss Pole Fitness is a judgement free zone. All students should be respectful and supportive of their fellow classmates and instructors. No bullying or disrespect will be tolerated. Such behavior will result in removal from the studio and forfeiting your class fees.


Please clean your equipment after use ensuring that all grip aid is removed. If you climbed the pole during class, make sure to climb and completely clean the pole.


Safety is our number one priority. Our instructors are certified and trained to teach in their form of dance/fitness. Students may not, under any circumstances, instruct or spot each other. All instruction/spotting must be performed by an instructor. Please proceed at your own pace and do not exceed your current capabilities. Your instructor is there to guide you but you are always responsible for knowing your own limitations. Always follow your instructor's cues and adhere to the lesson structure. Our curriculum is progressive in nature and is designed to meet you at your current level. If you do not follow the lesson structure and instead attempt to do your own thing, it is not only disruptive to the class, but also presents a safety concern.


Alcohol or drugs are not allowed to be consumed prior to any physical activities at the studio. Consumption of alcohol or drugs places you, the students, instructors and Happy Kiss staff in danger. We reserve the right to refuse service without refund or credit, to anyone who is or appears to be intoxicated.


Stay home if you are sick. Please check with your physician if you have any medical issues prior to signing up for classes. Information regarding any past or present illnesses, surgeries, diseases or conditions that may limit your ability to participate in any of our classes, should be disclosed to us at the time of registration. Enrollment in any of our classes is done so at your own risk. Always disclose any concerns or conditions to your instructor so they may allow for appropriate modifications. You are responsible for respecting your own limits. If you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant, you cannot attend classes without a written doctor's note of approval.


Happy Kiss Pole Fitness will never sell your information to third parties. If for any reason you feel like there is suspicious activity with your account, please contact us immediately at 352.448.1128. We will do everything in our power to remedy the situation. We collect your personal information in order to: a. To improve customer service b. To process payments c. To send periodic emails d. To contact you.


The studio may cancel classes within 6 hours if less than 4 students are signed up.


Some months may have more or fewer classes than others dependent on the time of the year, seasons, instructor availability.


1. Stay home if you’re sick. 2. A mask will be required inside the studio. 3. No spotting will be provided. 4. We will be following CDC recommendations to clean and sanitize our studio in between classes.