• Video!


Before you fill out the application you will need to create a video submission! 


The title of your video should be: “HKPF Competition Level 2 (Your name!)” Example - “HKPF Competition Level 2 Jane Doe”. Make sure the video is 2:00 – 3:00 minutes long and that you include a link to your video in your application. Prefer not to post your video online? No problem! Send the video file to this email: happykisscreative@gmail.com


Show us your skills in the video! We will need to see several moves to be sure you are ready to compete at this Level. We will need to see 2 spins, a layback and an inverted V. Not sure what else to do? Check out the Pole Level’s list HERE.


Make sure you stick to those moves and don’t perform moves that are above your level. You can also perform moves Level 1 moves! We may suggest that you move up/down a level depending on your abilities.


  • Performance!


All competitors will be required to perform a routine that is 2:30 – 3:50 minutes long. You may request a song you would like to use by emailing it to happykisscreative@gmail.com. You can check to see which songs are already claimed by other applicants HERE.


There will be two 45mm poles; one spinning and one static; both must be used. View a map of the studio layout for the competition HERE.


All of the following moves will need to be held for a minimum of 2 seconds: 2 spins, a layback, a inverted V and a flexibility move. You must also include a minimum of 15 seconds of floorwork without touching either pole.

Remember you can ONLY use moves that are considered Level 1 or Level 2. Also, all inversions and transitional moves off the ground must maintain 3 points of contact on the pole.


Happy Kiss Pole Fitness | 501 NW 23 AVE, Suite B | Gainesville, FL 32609 | 352.448.1128 | info@happykisspolefitness.com

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