"I'm not strong/flexible enough for pole, what should I do before signing up?"

NOTHING. Saying you are not strong/flexible enough for pole is like saying you are too dirty to take a bath. One of the purposes of signing up for fitness classes IS to get more strong and flexible. EVERYONE who wants to pole dance is welcome to our studio as long as they are 18+. No excuses ;)

"Can I observe a class prior to joining?"

No. The studio has a strict No Spectators Policy. The goal of this studio is to create a private and welcoming environment. You wouldn't want a stranger to come in and watch you dance would you?

"Does the studio accept walk-ins?"

Walk-ins are not accepted. All students must sign up for classes in advance online. If you are new to the studio - go to www.happykisspolefitness.com/new-clients

"Ok, I'm ready, where do I sign up, what do I wear?"

Go HERE to sign up. Wear a breathable top and shorts or leggings. No shoes required but socks are recommended. No lotion or jewelry.

"All the classes I want to take are full"

Sign up for the wait list! Students are bumped up into class all the time. Also - let us know! We take feedback seriously and make changes to our class schedule/class structure when there is a specific demand for a class/instructor.

"Do you have a weight limit for your classes?"

NO. You can join classes regardless of your weight. We strongly encourage body positivity and we offer modifications in all our classes so everyone can participate. We recommend checking in with your doctor prior to starting a new fitness regimen.

"I'm under 18, can I sign up for classes?"

No, not even with your parents consent. You can join our classes after you turn 18!

"Can male students take classes?"

Yes! EVERYONE (no matter what your gender identity) 18+ is welcome in our studio!

"Can I purchase a class for a friend?"

Yes! Purchase a Gift Card for them or Follow these steps if you would like to purchase the class & sign them up: Step 1: Login in to your MindBody account on the desktop version(create a new account if you haven't already). Step 2: Go to "My Info". Step 3: Go to "Family Members" and add your friend/family member to your account. Step 4: Go to the class or event you would like to attend and select "sign up". Step 5: Your family member's name should show up on the enrollment screen so you can purchase the ticket for them. Most importantly, purchase for others before for yourself. Otherwise MindBody won't let you "enroll" again. Classes aren't transferable so if you purchase multiple classes under your name, you will not be able to share them with your friends.

How long will it take me to invert?

Any pole "trick" isn't achieved within a specific length of time. If you have specific goals - you will need to commit to a dedicated practice. Students that attend 2-3 classes a week will see faster improvements in flexibility, strength and coordination than those than only attend 1x per week or less. For a personalize curriculum, we recommend signing up for private lessons. Email us at info@happykisspolefitness.com for details.

Ask masks required the entire time?

Yes, we require masks covering your nose and mouth the entire time you are in our studio.