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Competition 2017


Use the form on the right to apply to compete/showcase at the Happy Kiss Pole Fitness Competition taking place on 

February, 10, 2017

The goal of the Happy Kiss Pole Fitness Competition is to encourage and prepare our students to compete in the various local/state/national pole dance competition. This year, we have decided to place greater emphasis on theme rather than the technical aspects of competing. This year’s theme is EPIC. Be bold, tell us a story through your dancing, get creative with costumes and use the Baughman Center as a source of inspiration.





noun: epic; plural noun: epics

  1. a long poem, typically one derived from ancient oral tradition, narrating the deeds and adventures of heroic or legendary figures or the history of a nation.



adjective: epic

  1. of, relating to, or characteristic of an epic or epics.

  2. heroic or grand in scale or character.

  3. informal

    • particularly impressive or remarkable.**

**Abbreviated definition of Epic from Google



Please review the following Guidelines prior to applying:

Stage(Platform & X-Stage not pictured)




There will be one X-stage Pole Available for use. The X-stage is 10' Tall. The pole has a 45mm diameter and the stage platform is 5'3" wide. You will have the option to perform in either static mode or spinning mode.


The X-stage will be set up on a raised stage 12’(Wide) X 8’(Deep) X  2’(Tall). Please keep these dimensions in mind when planning out your choreography.

We highly encourage that you visit the Baughman Center during their visiting hours to get familiar with the space. Mon - Thurs 8am - 5:30pm & Fridays 8am - 5pm

Dressing Room/Waiting Area


Competition Guidelines


When deciding what Level to compete in - think of what Level you feel confident and comfortable in. The Level class you are currently in DOES NOT dictate when Level you should compete in. For example, if you are currently taking Level 2 classes but haven’t mastered a clean and consistent invert - you should compete in Level 1. If you competed in the 2016 competition - you should consider moving up a Level. Send us an email with any questions: happykisscreative@gmail.com


Video Submission


Send your application video to happykisscreative@gmail.com.

Show us your skills in the video! We will need to see several moves to be sure you are ready to compete at the Level you are applying for.


Level 1: 2 spins, a climb & a pole sit

Level 2: 2 spins, a drop & an invert

Level 3: 2 spins, a drop/tumble & an aerial invert


Not sure what else to do? Check out the Pole Level’s list HERE. We may suggest that you move up/down a level depending on your abilities.


Deadline to submit application and video is January 15th, 2017.




You will be required to perform a routine that is 2:30 – 5:00 minutes long.


All of the following moves will need to be included in your routine:


Level 1: Spins & a climb  

Level 2: Spins & a drop 

Level 3: Spins & a drop/tumble

Remember to perform only moves that are at your Level or below. For example, if you are competing in Level 2, you are restricted from performing moves that are considered Level 3.


This year, more emphasis will be placed on the theme. Judges will be paying attention to the theme and you will be scored on:

1. Your song choice 

2. Costume  

3. Your emotional/artistic expression

4. Creativity with use of space

5. Telling a story through your dancing




Not a Happy Kiss Pole Fitness Student? Want to perform without the pressure of competition?

You can apply to be a part of our Showcase portion of the show. Spots will be limited due to time restraints and priority will be given to competitors.


Submit a video of your skills/practice run of your dance and fill out the application above. Send the video file to this email: happykisscreative@gmail.com

Email us if you are interested in applying to receive a special coupon code for Open Practice Sessions. 

Share your practice videos with us! Use #HKEpic

Happy Kiss Pole Fitness | 501 NW 23 AVE, Suite B | Gainesville, FL 32609 | 352.448.1128 | info@happykisspolefitness.com

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